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Social Media Marketing Certificate: Hitchhiker's Guide to Social Media Marketing

Dates: August 14 - October 23, 2019

Meets: 100% Online

Location: Online

Registration Fee: $295.00

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

Hitchhiker's Guide to Social Media Marketing is a 10-week program offered completely online. The Fall 2021 Program will start on August 29st, 2021.

The Social Media Marketing Certificate: Hitchiker's Guide to Social Media Marketing is a 10-week program offered completely online. The program's goal is to introduce and enhance the skills of current and aspiring social media practitioners to become proficient in a variety of social media platforms to enable them to develop innovative and effective messages. While many of the program's activities are geared towards higher education and non-profit organizations, it is also quite suitable for those in a small business and/or corporate environments.

Course Leadership The program, offered through the University of West Georgia, is a learner-centered, highly-interactive course, developed by practioners and academicians experienced in social media, social media research, strategic planning, and marketing. Course developers and facilitators include Jason Milam and Marty Davis.

Program Content & Structure The certificate program is a professional program that incorporates conceptual knowledge into practical, hands-on learning experience. The program offers 7.5 continuing education units (CEUs), which is equivalent to 75 hours of instruction. The program comprises 9 content modules with each module lasting one week. There is also a 10th final module to close out the course with a "final exam". It is suggested that participants spend about 4-8 hours per module.

Content modules will focus on:
• Social media planning and evaluation
• Creative writing for social media
• Developing engaging content
• Social media advertising
• Optimization and practical methods for assessing ROI


UWG Employees, please select the billing option if Continuing Education will be assisting you with an internal transfer for your professional development.
Fee: $295.00


Date Day Time Location
08/14/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
08/15/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
08/16/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
08/17/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
08/18/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
08/19/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
08/20/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
08/21/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
08/22/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
08/23/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
08/24/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
08/25/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
08/26/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
08/27/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
08/28/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
08/29/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
08/30/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
08/31/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
09/01/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
09/03/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
09/04/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
09/05/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
09/06/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
09/07/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
09/08/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
09/09/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
09/10/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
09/11/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
09/12/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
09/13/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
09/14/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
09/15/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
09/16/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
09/17/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
09/18/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
09/19/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
09/20/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
09/21/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
09/22/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
09/23/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
09/24/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
09/25/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
09/26/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
09/27/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
09/28/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
09/29/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
09/30/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
10/01/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
10/02/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
10/03/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
10/04/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
10/05/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
10/06/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
10/07/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
10/08/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
10/09/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
10/10/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
10/11/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
10/12/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
10/13/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
10/14/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
10/15/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
10/16/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online
10/17/2019Thursday12M to 12M Online
10/18/2019Friday12M to 12M Online
10/19/2019Saturday12M to 12M Online
10/20/2019Sunday12M to 12M Online
10/21/2019Monday12M to 12M Online
10/22/2019Tuesday12M to 12M Online
10/23/2019Wednesday12M to 12M Online


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