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Carrollton Essential Communication in the Workplace

Dates: May 28, 2019

Meets: Tu from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: UWG Murphy West CE Classroom 1130A

Registration Fee: $49.00

In this day and age, having effective communication skills in the workplace is essential. Some basic reasons why effective communication skills in the workplace are so important are based on professionalism and credibility. Regardless if an employee is considered management or a line worker, the following skills are very important:

1. Construct and send effective emails and other specific forms and correspondence.
2. Possess skills necessary to manage conflict.
3. Develop leadership and interpersonal skills for strong workplace relationships.

These three items will allow employees an opportunity to be able to express their ideas and thoughts in a way that makes them appear credible with a strong level of professionalism, which will be respected by others. By participating in this professional development training session, employees will be able to:

. Construct and send emails using proper technology etiquette and format.
. Develop persuasive messages in order to get their ideas across effectively.
. Demonstrate the ability to manage conflict in the workplace through crucial conversations and other communication strategies.
. Understand themselves and their relationships with others in the workplace through understanding their personality types and emotional intelligence.

This training session should not only instruct employees on effective communication skills both through the development of email and interpersonal interactions, but also inspire and motivate them to develop their leadership skills and be a better employee and team player.


If your company is going to pay your course registration fee, please contact our office at 678-839-6611 and we will assist you with the billing process.

This course will be held in Carrollton, GA either on the UWG Campus or a site close to the campus. As soon as the site is determined, all registered students will receive specific details concerning the location.
Fee: $49.00

UWG Murphy West CE Classroom 1130A

The Murphy Building is located at 316 West Georgia Drive across the street from the School of Nursing Building. Please enter Murphy West on the right side of the building adjacent to the Greenbelt.


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